Main Services

Software Services

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We offer full-scope product development that includes analysis, design, production, deployment and maintenance of customized software. We develop software for planning, registration, tracking, scheduling, operation, financial, payroll, key performance indicator (KPI) or performance monitoring, inventory, radio data transmission (RDT), association membership as well as executive statistics. Outsourcing services are rendered to a fellow ICT company who required short-term development assistance or collaboration or to any organisation that does not have a full-time ICT personnel overseeing their ICT operational requirements.

Network Solutions

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Pasti Nyala Sdn Bhd Network Solutions services comprehensively include network design, installation, testing, commissioning and management of structured horizontal and vertical LAN cabling systems. It has consistently been our aim to provide our customers with a solid data network and future compatible networking solutions.

Our networking services include:

Design of networking solutions - Premises Structured Cabling solutions.
Installation of conventional structured cabling solutions and network equipment.
Testing of LAN structured cabling solutions.
Support and maintenance of LAN/WAN system.

Website Design & Development

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Pasti Nyala offers Website Maintenance Services in packages for mid-sized companies that require website maintenance, content revision, full website management and updating services for their corporate website but don't want the expense and commitment of a staff position. Once your website is complete what happens to the content, the management and maintenance of your website? If your site's design requires updating we can help. If your website requires full site management, or the design and or content require ongoing maintenance and updates, Pasti Nyala is your choice. Pasti Nyala understands your frustration and the need for a company you can deal with that is reliable and affordable.

Why do you need Website Maintenance Services?

The creation of a successful web presence is not straightforward, but the Website Management services provided by Pasti Nyala takes away much of the strain - leaving you free to run your business.


commercial and advert videography Kuching

Pasti Nyala also offers Videography Services. We can do commercial and products and services promotional videos. While at it, we can throw in some animation stuffs as well.

Bookkeeping Services

bookkeeping services in Kuching

Value adding bookkeeping services to cater for your business needs:

Cost effective - achieve cost savings from paying full / part time employee as well as cost of lost productivity, paying essentially only for what you need.

Staff Management - minimize hiccups and distribution to your day to day accounting function associated with employee turnover.

More Time and Focus - Free up valuable time that can put into strategic and core areas of your business, maximizing value and minimizing lost opportunities due to time constraint.

Trained Professionals - Gain the assurance that your books are in the hands of our staff who are experienced and well-versed in the best practices of bookkeeping as well.

Access to Reliable Tools - Our accounting system enables efficient and timely recording and reporting of transactions.

GST Returns - Our bookkeeping services come with GST returns submission, ensuring its timely submission and relieving you of the hassle and complication of submitting your GST returns.